Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Best Paranormal Romance Werewolf Books - Full Moon Rising

As far as werewolf books go, and paranormal romance, Keri Arthur is still near the top of my favorites list. Her characters and storyline are unique and intriguing. Full Moon Rising is the Riley Jenson Guardian series, and the book that hooked me on this author.

Within the first few pages she throws us right into the action, and we get a feel immediately for the type of heroine Riley will become. As we begin the series, Riley and her twin brother Rhoan work for the Directorate- an club responsible for policing the supernatural races, and handling any and all murder cases fascinating werewolves, vampires, or shapeshifters.

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Though Riley's job is supposed to be secretarial, her boss Jack has been forcefully nudging her in the direction of becoming a Guardian like her brother. But that's the very last thing she wants - to come to be a trained assassin for the Directorate.

Best Paranormal Romance Werewolf Books - Full Moon Rising

Unfortunately fate steps in and soldiery her into the position of searching for her brother who's gone missing, and along the way she meets super sexy vampire - Quinn who just happened to be short of memory when she found him standing deliciously naked on her doorstep. But werewolf or no, she has to curb the intense cravings the moon heat is bringing out in the middle of them long adequate to find her brother.

Arthur delivers fast paced action, some of the sexiest supernatural men that I've read about, and a group of colorful, very easy to recapitulate to characters, and some downright disturbing plot twists. All in all, I loved Full Moon Rising and can't wait to dive into the next book in the series- Kissing Sin.

If you enjoy werewolf books, paranormal romance, and dark, urban fantasy, this is 100% recommended.

Best Paranormal Romance Werewolf Books - Full Moon Rising


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